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Don't waste any more time. ContentChat simplifies complex content navigation with AI-assisted chats.

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Superpowered search

Normally you’d have to look through tedious pieces of text to find just the information you need. You shouldn't spend time on that πŸ‘‰

Your time is valuable

Summarize and go through websites, articles or documentation. Don't spend unnecessary time researching and understanding long pieces of text πŸ“ƒ

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ContentChat is perfect for students to simplify the process of learning and going through study materials.

Go through study material in a few minutes

Do research easily by inputting article links and report documents

Find important information in videos faster than ever

Business professionals

ContentChat is a perfect tool for professionals who want to streamline reviewing business materials more efficient.

Extract important information from reports and spreadsheets

Analyze product reviews or your competitors promo material


ContentChat is an ideal platform for researchers who want to simplify the process of reviewing and analyzing research materials efficiently.

Effortlessly identify key insights and information from research interviews, and soon videos

Quickly browse through research papers and articles in just a few minutes

Go through presentation documents

I still gotta know how much I need to pay πŸ’΅

It’s very simple! There’s only 1 plan, and... you get a FREE trial




10 free chats and up to 5 MB PDFs

Huge variety of sources

Unlimited chats

Up to 30MB files

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